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Chronos is the perfect app to have your system clock synced with the atomic clock network.With Chronos you get:✔ An atomic clock simulator for your device, to display the time in 24H/12H or AM/PM mode.✔ Also an app to search and connect to 6 billion servers.✔ A device to display the time and date from a server, or a calibration from your device.✔ The synchronization is done in real time, every second.✔ A timer to measure the time lapse.✔ A Pro version for one time use, without ads.The app is free, and there are ads in the Demos and Pro versions.So far, the developers have fixed many bugs, and are constantly working on the app.✔ Maintained and updated by actual users.Supports iOS 7.0 and up.If you need a server simulator, you can find it here: Get it here on Appstore:We are a team of 3 friends, and we are currently working on Chronos.We started it to teach ourselves all the things we wanted to do. Since then, it has become the app we want to do it for.Any suggestions, reviews or questions - just ask.Visit our blog to see all the other apps we've made:-Stay updated on our Twitter account:-Mind Stealers -A team of 3 friends who are working on a game to make a living through, through this game.Support us and follow us on:NOTE: Support us on Patreon, and get cool rewards. All support is appreciated: Note: Death Notes is a series of short videos of me going over all the reasons why I think TR is overrated. It’s a list that everyone can refer to throughout the 08929e5ed8

Chronos - Atomic Clock Synchronizer Torrent (Activation Code) For PC

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