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What We Offer


We are a teen maternity home offering Emergency Shelter and a Second Chance program. To enter our program teens must be between the ages of 14 to 18 years old. Our program is made to support young ladies through their pregnancy until their child reaches 18 months of age.

Suburb Houses

Self Care

Offering services that help our young women care for themselves. Teaching our young women about love, self care and ways to reduce stress.

Maternity Meditation Class

Parenting and/or Adoption Classes

This is her choice and we will be there to provide information, support and appropriate guidance once this choice is made.

Happy Mother's Day

Educational and/or Work Resources

Providing educational opportunities including on campus, online school and/or higher educational choices.


Other Services

We have amazing partnerships with many organizations and are able to help with a multitude of services.

Youth Conference
Services: Services
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